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Sponsored Driver Introduces Pint-Sized PartnerBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 30, 2015

Shelly Temple, a pony driver sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research, is harnessing a new prospect these days. Introducing her most recent trainee, Shelly says, “Diva is only 39 inches tall, but she is full of spunk and attitude!”

An experienced driver, Shelly has brought home blue ribbons from a number of CDEs, including Live Oak, Georgia International, Gladstone, Myopia, Katydid, Garden State, Cedar Lane, and Pine Tree. In international competition, she was a member of the bronze-winning team at the World Pony Driving Championships in Denmark.

Knowing that equines of every size need the best management to meet the demands of training and competition, Shelly uses RiteTrac, a product that supports the health of the entire digestive tract. RiteTrac contains ingredients that quickly and effectively protect the sensitive stomach lining, preventing the damage caused by the continuous production of gastric acid. RiteTrac also moderates the effects of acidosis in the horse’s hindgut.

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