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Sponsored Driver Successful at Southern PinesBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · May 7, 2015

Shelly Temple, a trainer sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research, competed at the Southern Pines Combined Driving Event at the Carolina Horse Park. She drove Danny, a Morgan owned by Judy Portmann, and was pleased with his performance.

“I have had a great time competing Danny,” remarked Shelly. “He is a willing horse with great movement. My goal was to make the CDE a positive, successful event for Danny so that we can continue to build a solid foundation.”

Shelly and Danny won the dressage phase before she guided the horse to a smooth, safe marathon. After completing the cones course, Danny finished the competition in third place. About the experience, Shelly said, “It's a wonderful show with excellent facility, organizers, officials, and volunteers, and we even had perfect weather! Thanks to all involved. Special thanks to top course designer Richard Nicoll for a course with lots of options for all levels; it drove great!”

Doris Leacy, one of Shelly’s students, also enjoyed particular success. Doris and her mare, Katydid Baroness, were crowned the American Driving Society North American Single Pony Intermediate Champion 2015 at Southern Pines.

Shelly likes the KER product RiteTrac to support total digestive tract health in the horses she drives. “RiteTrac is a good choice for my horses, especially those that come in for training with digestive problems like hindgut ulcers and diarrhea due to stress or changes in their environment,” she said. “The product works great on the road because a horse’s environment changes, feed sometimes changes due to availability, and the hay isn’t always consistent.”

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