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Sponsored Eventer Featured in The Chronicle of the HorseBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 13, 2016

KER-sponsored eventer Liz Halliday-Sharp was recently featured in an article in The Chronicle of the Horse.

The article, “Behind The Stall Door With: Fernhill By Night,” describes Halliday-Sharp’s relationship with her horse Fernhill By Night, also known as Blackie, and his love for food.

“He’s very chatty,” said Halliday-Sharp in the interview. “He tries to tell everyone that no one’s fed him for years. If you ever walk past he’ll just chat away telling you things. ‘I think you might have forgotten to feed me.’”

Halliday-Sharp uses KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds along with Bio•Bloom™ PS, RiteTrac™, and Synovate HA® to ensure her horses receive the nutrients they need to perform their best.

Read the full article here.

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