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Sponsored Eventer Has Successful Weekend at Virginia Horse TrialsBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 1, 2016

KER-sponsored eventer Dom Schramm competed at the Virginia Horse Trials in Lexington, Virginia.

Dom and Cera won Training with a score of 28.9, while he and Cooley Cut Copy placed second in Open Novice, scoring 26.3.

Dom relies on Bio•Bloom™ PS, Nano•E®, Restore® SR, Synovate HA® and KER-formulated Legends® Feeds to provide the nutrients his horses need to perform their best.

“Our event horses work hard. From fitness work to competitions, it’s our job to help them replenish the minerals they lose in sweat,” explained Dom. “Restore SR is scientifically formulated based on the composition of sweat, without any extra sugar. It’s a must-have for any barn that prides itself on sweaty saddle cloths.”

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