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Sponsored Eventers Compete at Ocala Horse PropertiesBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 18, 2016

KER-sponsored eventers Lisa Barry and Buck Davidson competed in the Advanced combined test at Ocala Horse Properties International Three-Day Festival.

Buck earned second place with Copper Beech. He relies on KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds RE•LEVE® Sport and Ovation™ to ensure his horses are getting the nutrients they need for optimal performance.

“I rely on RE•LEVE Sport to provide my horses with everything they need to perform at the top of their game without losing focus.” Buck adds, “Because they’re from KER, I know these feeds are based on the latest equine nutrition science and are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and processes. It’s simply the best feed available.”

Lisa placed fifth with F.I.S. Prince Charming. She uses RiteTrac™ and KER•Flex® to keep her horses looking, feeling, and performing their best.

“Between putting in the miles for conditioning and variable terrain and footing, eventing can be hard on a horse’s joints. I rely on KER•Flex to support joint health and performance. There are lots of joint products out there, but nothing compares to KER•Flex,” Lisa explains. “Because it’s backed by Kentucky Equine Research, I know it’s the best joint supplement for my high-performance horses.”

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