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Sponsored Eventers Light Up Rocking Horse Winter IBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 30, 2017

KER-sponsored riders Buck Davidson, Bruce Davidson Sr., Liz Halliday-Sharp, and Dom and Jimmie Schramm recently competed at the Rocking Horse Winter I Horse Trials in Altoona, Florida.

Buck had four wins: Open Intermediate-A with Copper Beech, Open Preliminary-B with Erroll Gobey, Preliminary Horse-A with Victor B Z, and Training Horse-B with For Certain. He placed second in Preliminary Horse-B with Harry and fourth in Open Intermediate-B with Halimey.

Buck’s father, Bruce Davidson, placed fourth in Training Horse-B with Holy Moses.

Buck and Bruce use KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds to keep their horses competing at the top of their game. Buck chooses RE•LEVE® Sport and Ovation™.

Liz claimed victory in Open Intermediate (Friday)-B with Deniro Z and Preliminary Horse-B with All Dassett. She placed third in Open Preliminary (Friday)-A with Cooley Caviar and fourth in Preliminary Horse-A with MSH Cooley Twilight.

Liz uses KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds along with Bio•Bloom™ PS, RiteTrac™, and Synovate HA® to ensure her horses look and perform their best.

“I rely on KER nutrition both in the United States and England,” Liz says. “On either continent, I know products associated with KER will be the highest quality, most thoroughly researched feeds and supplements available for my horses.”

Dom placed fourth in Open Intermediate (Friday)-A with Bolytair B, while achieving second place in Open Preliminary (Friday)-A with FE Charles Owen. He and Jimmie also placed in Open Preliminary (Friday)-B with Cera and Bellamy.

The Schramms rely on Bio•Bloom PS, Nano•E®, Restore® SR, Synovate HA and KER-formulated Legends® Feeds to provide the nutrients their horses need for optimal performance.

“The science is there with everything KER does,” explained Dom. “Dr. Pagan and KER are prepared to show you exactly how they got to the products they’ve put their name on, and that means a lot to me.”

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