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Sponsored Eventers Place at Ocala Winter IIBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 15, 2016

KER-sponsored eventers had strong performances at the Ocala Horse Properties Winter II.

Liz Halliday-Sharp earned second place in the Advanced with HHS Cooley. Halliday-Sharp relies on KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds and Bio•Bloom™ PS to keep her horses performing at the top of their game.

Buck Davidson competed with seven mounts, taking first place with Escariz Du Rona in Preliminary Horse-A. Buck also utilizes KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds to ensure that his horses get the nutrients they need for optimal performance. He relies on RE•LEVE® Sport, a textured feed that contains balanced omega fatty acids and fiber-based carbohydrates, and Ovation™, a pelleted feed that contains multiple sources of energy in a palatable formation.

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