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Sponsored Reiner Likes Synovate HA for Joint HealthBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · October 23, 2014

Lisa Coulter, a champion reiner who is sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research, has nothing but praise for Synovate HA. This dietary supplement supplies hyaluronic acid which plays a vital role in maintaining the health of connective tissue and optimizing normal joint function in horses.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in various connective tissues in the horse's body. It contributes significantly to maintenance of cartilage health and elasticity, joint fluid viscoelasticity, and lubrication of the entire joint mechanism. In addition, hyaluronic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that are especially useful for high-motion joints such as those in equine limbs. For reining horses that make a lot of fast turns and sliding stops, this supplement can guard against joint damage and keep equine athletes performing comfortably.

Coulter says, “I love Synovate HA. It’s great for joint support, and joints are everything in our horses because we do so much stopping. Our hocks are challenged all the time; we’ve got tremendous stress. I’m in favor of any support and anything we can do to help those horses in their maintenance, and Synovate’s done tremendous things for me. And now we’re looking for longevity in our horses, of course we all want longevity, but with the reiners and the stopping and everything we do, we’re excited that Synovate’s allowing us that longevity.”


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