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Staff Changes in KER’s Research BarnBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 7, 2014

Midsummer is a turnover time for research interns at Kentucky Equine Research (KER). One group of yearlong interns is approaching the end of their time in Kentucky, while a new intern class is arriving to take over the duties of caring for the horses and carrying out the protocol for any research projects that are taking place.

Jessica Meyer is one of the incoming interns. Originally from Painesville, Ohio, Jessica has just earned her bachelor’s degree in equine facilities management with a chemistry minor at Lake Erie College. She has ridden hunters, jumpers, and dressage horses.

As she monitored four Thoroughbred horses walking and trotting on the equine exerciser on a sunny Kentucky morning, she expressed her enthusiasm for being at KER for the next twelve months. “I’m super-excited to be here and learn as much as I can,” she said. “I’m interested in seeing how the research projects will turn out.”

Interns usually come to KER with some experience in handling horses, but the day-to-day process of generating research data is something that is new to most of them. More information on participating in the KER intern program.


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