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Summer Intern Class Finishes Three-Month Session at KERBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · August 11, 2014

Four college students who spent part of their summer break at Kentucky Equine Research (KER) have finished their internships and will head back to school this fall. Patrick Casey, Abby Gates, Bridget Litts, and Sara Hackett worked daily with the horses at KER’s research facility, learning about the studies in progress and helping to collect data for these protocols.

For Bridget, whose previous research experience was with zebrafish, the internship was an opportunity to work with large animals instead. “It’s harder to find this type of experience, and working with horses was quite different,” she said. Her favorite KER horse was Romeo: “He’s just such a sweet horse, and he loves to play.”

Patrick and Sara said they learned a lot during the summer internship including a number of things they had never seen or done. Watching the veterinarian perform gastric endoscopy on horses for ulcers and supervising horses on the high-speed treadmill and the exerciser were mentioned by both interns. Visiting some of the numerous equine facilities in the area was an added opportunity that was enjoyed by these students.  

KER offers both three-month and twelve-month internship programs.  


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