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Summer Interns Arrive at KERBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · June 12, 2014

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is currently welcoming four summer interns who will be working hands-on with the research horses for several months. Unlike year-long interns who stay at the facility for twelve months, summer interns spend ten to twelve weeks at the research farm in central Kentucky. They provide daily horse care, see to feeding and barn chores, and help with every phase of research protocols.

Summer interns Bridget Litts and Sara Hackett are just beginning their session and are already enthusiastic about what they are doing at KER. Sara, a Massachusetts resident who is considering a career in equine nutrition, was happy to get a chance to see several horses being scoped for gastric ulcers. Bridget is from New York, where she keeps three horses including a Miniature and a Thoroughbred. She’s planning to go to graduate school to continue studying equine science. Asked what she’s enjoyed at KER, she commented, “It’s all been fun so far!”

To be eligible for consideration for a summer internship, college students must have completed at least two years toward an undergraduate degree in animal or veterinary science (equine emphasis) or a similar degree. Knowledge of basic horse care and management is a requirement, and experience in handling Thoroughbred horses is an advantage.


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