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Texas Barrel Racer Relies on KERxBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · October 24, 2017

Micki Kern, a barrel racer from Texas, is a semi-pro rider in the 1-2D brackets in two associations.

Micki relies on products from Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to improve her mare’s performance and well-being. In fact, her mare took a full second off her time when Micki started feeding EquiShure, which moved the horse from 3-4D to 1-2D competition.

“I have noticed an improvement in both performance and attitude since my horse has been on EquiShure,” explained Micki.

Micki also relies on Restore SR to replenish electrolytes and sodium lost in her horse’s sweat. She said, “The hot Texas weather requires electrolytes, which is why I use Restore SR to make sure she stays hydrated.”

Are you interested in finding supplements to balance your horse’s diet? Consult with a KER nutrition advisor today!

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