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Top International Driver Talks About Her Sport, Her Horses, and KER’s ExpertiseBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 17, 2014

Shelly Temple, a successful international competitor in combined driving, has a long association with Kentucky Equine Research (KER). She appreciates the nutrition counseling, research reports, and innovative supplements available from this company and its professional staff. Read what Shelly says about KER and driving:

“My name’s Shelly Temple, I live in Windsor, South Carolina, and I’ve been driving since 1996. Some friends took me to a combined driving event in Maryland, where there’s also a ridden event, and I’d never seen combined driving. We were standing by the water obstacle and people were flying down the hill into the water, flipping over; it was just pretty amazing and adrenalin-filled and I thought, ‘I have to learn how to do this.’ So I saw a friend there at the show that drove, and I said ‘How would I find out about this?’ and she hooked me up with Lisa Singer, who lived nearby. She is one of the best drivers in the country, and she took us under her wing and I’ve been going full bore ever since.

“Cooper, my Morgan gelding, is now fourteen years old, and I’ve had him since he was four. I trained him myself. I competed with several other horses that I got as older horses with a lot of problems, and I wanted to start one myself. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but whatever problems he has, I caused, and I know what they are. He’s been a great trouper. He’s been a national champion three times and I think reserve two or three times, and been to two world championships. We’ve won medals in dressage at the world championships and he’s placed near the top, and our team also won bronze medals each time I went. I just love him to death, he’s a great pony, but he’s getting older now and it’s very important for me to keep him healthy and happy and interested. He doesn’t need to show all the time. We save him for the big events now, but it’s important to me that we have a lot of fun together, too.

“First of all, I really want to use products that are based on science and research. I don’t want to just take the latest and greatest off the shelf that I really don’t know about the ingredients and the way they came to formulate them. That’s why I feel very, very comfortable with Kentucky Equine Research, because there’s sound research behind all its products and they have a wide range, so for particular horses that have particular issues I can pick and choose what works best for them. I trust the experts at KER; they have all kinds of resources available to help with your horse’s nutrition. They can tailor a diet exactly to his needs, and the research available on the website is fantastic. I send all my students there to learn more about nutrition and it’s a fantastic resource for the entire horse community.”

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