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Trainer Chooses KER Products for Her Driving PoniesBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 19, 2014

Top pony driver Shelly Temple particularly likes two joint support products developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER). Here’s what Shelly says about these products:

I use Synovate HA and KER-Flex in combination on all the horses I have in training. I especially like KER-Flex for my older horse, Cooper, and I increase the dosage when he’s working harder per the instructions on the product. I feel that really helps keep his joints lubricated and keeps him happy to be moving. It helps him use his hocks, which is really, really important in our sport, especially in the dressage phase. Driving is a sport that’s hard on their hocks and I really want him to feel good so he goes well. KER-Flex is a really good chondroitin and glucosamine supplement.

I trust the liquid supplement that KER makes, the Synovate HA; it’s a hyaluronic acid supplement and it’s easy to dispense. It comes in a big bottle with a nice pump and it’s easy to get into their feed. They eat it readily, it mixes right in. I’m very happy with the product; I’ve used it for three years now with very, very good results. I use that in combination with the other joint supplements that KER makes to keep my horses healthy and sound.


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