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UK Partner Riders Dujardin and Hester Place First in London International Horse ShowBy KER Staff · December 21, 2015

Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester captured first and second place in the dressage Grand Prix at the London Olympia International Horse Show. Dujardin won with Uthopia, owned by Hester, and finished with a score of 77.46%. Hester finished second with his own Nip Tuck, scoring 76.66%.

In a comment to the Gloucester Citizen, Dujardin said, “He was just awesome! I haven’t done that much preparation with him, but he felt amazing.”

The tables turned the following day, when Hester won the Freestyle on Nip Tuck with a score of 83.750%, while Dujardin placed second on Uthopia, scoring 82.550%.

Hester told Horsetalk, “It just goes to show that after 25 years in the job and riding Grand Prix, you never really know what you have and Nip Tuck is really turning into something I never thought he was.”

Dujardin and Hester are sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds, a Brand Alliance Partner of Kentucky Equine Research based in the U.K. KER partner horse feeds incorporate custom blends of KER’s own micronutrient ingredients, designed to deliver the optimal amount and proper balance of critical vitamins and minerals to each class of horse.

Dujardin told Saracen, “I have been based with Carl Hester for many years, and all I have ever known him to feed is Saracen. All the horses look great, perform to the best of their abilities, keep level heads and have great overall condition.”

She explained, “I just wouldn’t even consider feeding another brand of feed. With a performance animal, it’s like a finely tuned race car—they need to have top-quality fuel. Feeding quality means you have to ultimately feed less as there are no additives or products in there to “bulk” out the rations. So I also manage to keep the feed budget under with no wastage—the horses love the feeds!”

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