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Unique Delivery System Maximizes Vitamin E AbsorptionBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 25, 2017

Vitamin E is one of only two important vitamins that a horse cannot produce itself and therefore it must be provided in the diet. This vitamin requires a small amount of fat in order to be properly absorbed, which is why it is considered a fat-soluble vitamin.

Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin E must be offered to horses in a way that maximizes absorption. It must become water-soluble or dispersible in liquid. Researchers developed a method by which fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed with great efficiency.

Due to its oily nature, vitamin E repels water. To overcome this, researchers use proprietary technology to encapsulate the vitamin E in nanoparticles and then surround each nanoparticle with a water-loving outer layer. The outer layer allows the nanoparticles to be rapidly and evenly released in water-based environments such as the gastrointestinal tract.

The greatest benefit of this unique delivery system is an increase in the bioavailability of vitamin E. The more vitamin E that is absorbed into the bloodstream, the more available it is for use as a body-wide antioxidant essential for tissue repair and for its imperative roles in various body systems.

Nano•E® is a product developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER) that delivers this unique technology as a water-soluble, natural source of vitamin E. Controlled studies at KER indicate that Nano•E is superior to synthetic and other natural vitamin E sources. Learn more.

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