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Weber Achieves Number One World RankingBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · August 18, 2014

After his top placing in the four-in-hand division at the recent CHIO Aachen competition, driver Chester Weber moved into the number one spot on the FEI’s world ranking list. He was the first American driver to win at Aachen, known as one of the most challenging driving events on the European circuit. Weber will defend his ranking when he again competes against the best international drivers at the upcoming 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), Weber is well aware of the importance of meeting the nutritional needs of the horses he drives. The demands of top-level performance require not only dietary energy but also attention to electrolyte balance as horses lose necessary nutrients in sweat.

Weber commented, “The nutrition of our horses is critical. We use KER products to make sure the entire team is nutritionally prepared for grueling cross-country courses, which can take an hour and a half to complete. One product is called Restore SR, which is a slow-release electrolyte paste. We can’t stop during the cross-country to re-energize horses, so it’s important to have a slow-release electrolyte supplement that we know will help maximize the performance of our horses.”

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