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Weber Finds KER ClockIt To Be A “Real Game Changer”By KER Staff · December 14, 2015

KER-sponsored driver Chester Weber has been using the KER ClockIt Sport mobile app to track conditioning programs for his elite horses.

“We use Kentucky Equine Research supplements (KERx) often, especially the wonderful electrolyte products. We have started some research with KER ClockIt Sport. I am really excited about this fantastic technology, and it will be a real game changer in the driving sport,” Weber said.

“With some changes to the FEI rules, KER ClockIt will allow us to monitor how our horses are performing, even in the cross-country. The app tracks the horse’s heart rate throughout the session, and this information is communicated back to the carriage. We can train our horses to reach optimal performance on game day, even in the toughest conditions.” 

Weber also utilizes Restore SR for his horses, an electrolyte supplement with advanced technology that releases sodium gradually rather than all at once, allowing horses to absorb it slowly over a period of several hours.

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