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Weber Leads at Aachen Driving EventBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 17, 2014

Chester Weber topped a field of 25 drivers from nine countries to take the lead after the dressage phase at the CAIO4* Aachen driving competition in Germany. Keeping up his tradition of scoring well in dressage, Weber had the only total under 40 points, besting second-place driver Boyd Exell of Australia by five and Netherlands representative Theo Timmerman by six for third place.

The four-in-hand driving individual competition at the World Equestrian Festival took place on July 16 and will continue with the cones phase on July 18. The final phase will be the marathon to be conducted on July 19.

Weber is sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research, and uses nutritional supplements like Restore, an electrolyte available in either paste or powder form, to replace the nutrients lost when hard-working horses sweat heavily during exercise.  

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