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  • Optimal Body Condition Scores for Breeding Mares

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 4, 2003

    Evaluating the body condition of pregnant mares may become more difficult during late gestation, as the combined weight of the fetus and amniotic fluid may pull the skin tightly over the vertebral column and ribcage. Therefore, it's best to place emphasis on other key areas: along the withers, behind the shoulder, and around the tailhead.

  • Nutrition for Horses with Metabolic Disorders

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 10, 2002

    Proper nutrition is extremely important in managing horses with metabolic disorders. Regulating the amount and type of feed, with special attention to carbohydrates, allows many horses to show minimal disease signs, maintain healthy body condition, stay comfortable, and safely perform exercise.

  • Putting Weight on a Skinny Horse

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 3, 2000

    Some horses are metabolically inclined to be hard keepers while others have medical, psychological or environmental reasons for having difficulty in maintaining weight.

  • Why Is This Horse So Skinny?

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 3, 2000

    Insufficient caloric intake is the primary cause of failure to maintain sufficient body condition in horses. A variety of reasons may account for caloric deficiency. Some are easy to pinpoint and simple to address, such as parasite loads or teeth problems. Others are impossible to diagnose without euthanizing the horse and performing a necropsy. Physical problems of the digestive tract account for many of these problems, but there may be psychological and environmental reasons as well.

  • Nutritionist Q&A: Fats

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · September 15, 1998

    Do we have adequate research and understanding of what the impact of high-fat diets might be to their metabolism or to their overall physical development?


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